About Us

Hey babes! 

I am Kayla, the Owner of The Branded Cactus Boutique. I started the journey with slight experience, I have been a brand rep for roughly 2 years for several boutiques. I absolutely fell in love with the idea of owning a boutique, and becoming a boss babe. I love the thought of being able to take pieces of clothing and jewelry and make my outfit completely stand out. While brand repping I found my style/taste in clothing was more of the western/boho look. I strive to be different in every aspect of life, we were born to stand out. My main goal for The Branded Cactus Boutique is to have products that are affordable, good quality, a good variety of pieces, and find pieces for you guys that make you want to grab them every time you run to your closet to get ready. I hope that you all enjoy The Branded Cactus Boutique as much as I do! I can not wait to see how you guys style our pieces.